The Camper that could…..


Welcome! I am a married mother to two teenagers that is at a constant personal battle between my two selves. The one who loves stats, ROI and leading, and the other  who loves to create, build, and DIY. I imagine the battle between my two selves in my head looks something like  Darth Vader in an epic battle against Martha Stewart.

Oh and might I add, that I have champagne taste on a beer budget, always have, as my father will tell you. Very early I figured out that I could recreate, tear down and copy just about any look myself for half the money, also insert dragging along my father in most of these  “projects”.  I have never seen something that I didn’t think,” umm, yeah I can do that”.

While sitting at home one evening, it hit me that my dear husband was not going to let me redo a room in our house again. I average a complete room redo about every 6 months. How was I going to use all these wonderful ideas in my head….paint colors, fabrics I couldn’t resist, my need to build things out of reclaimed items….then the solution smacked me in my little face. A CAMPER< yep that’s right a “mini house”. I could unleash all those ideas swirling around in my head for every room in the house. Problem, I have never camped and I know nothing about campers. Oh well, my search began, insert husband rolling eyes when I told him my fabulous idea!

Where do bargain hunters go….Craigslist. After a couple of days searching there she was, a 1988 camper 24 ft Fleetwood travel trailer screaming to come home with me and be rescued from the drab paneling, Americana décor, and horrible camper fabric ( we will talk more about that décor later) and be made dramatic. Price was right and after purchasing for under $3000, she was delivered at our house! Now the journey begins.


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