Journey, no not the band


The journey begins of our little camper rehab. Oh, sorry if you thought it was a band review, however, please feel free to sing, “Don’t stop believing at anytime.” Trust me I have had to sing that to myself a couple of times during this project.

So last we left you with the delivery of the camper. Again, I had to get over the TERRIBLE DECOR, and remember its solid other wise…right? How does one purchase a solid camper when they know nothing about them? Please allow me to introduce you to a couple of my friends that have answered all of these “umm what is this, can I take this out?” questions. Kail and Amy Knapp took lots of phone calls and pictures to diagnosis without laughing at me too much, and a forum of wonderful helpful people at pitched in as well. As the song goes “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Camper delivered on a Friday night, oh yeah forgot to mention that we do not own a truck, so the nice person we purchased it from delivered it to our house! Love nice people! Saturday morning at 8am my sidekick helper Alyssa and I set out for DEMO DAY! Geesh is that a lot of paneling or what!!! Holy Panel!

So the game plan had hatched! Anything and everything  with paneling in the main camper area was being painted flat Grey Clouds, Sherwin Williams, Emerald ( left over from bathroom redo) and all cabinets were going gloss white ( 17 of them to be exact). Here is where I tell you I am a paint snob, won’t paint with anything but Sherwin Williams. Needless to say, that store LOVES ME!  So in the photos above we took everything down and got down to business of priming with Zesinger primer. Wow that was a lot of primer !!! Every thing was dark panel or wood or nasty wall paper!

All was well in the world until we attempted to remove the bunk mattresses. While wrangling the mattress out,  I put my hand clear through the paneling… what, previous owner said no water damage…..insert string of curse words that I won’t post here, but anyone who knows me, knows what that rant sounded like in person.


Pick up the phone and text Amy and Kail my discovery, then my father, and then the previous owner. I am in a panic, we are having a 911 camper crises!  After reassuring from the Knaps it was not expensive to repair and the previous owner assuring us he had no idea, and giving us some money back ( again yea for nice and honest people). We decided to press on with the rest and deal with the “but end” disaster later.

So the journey has begun, and at this point have had to sing, don’t stop believing a couple of times… Whoa!


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