And the paint must go on


I left you last with priming, painting, and bears oh my, sorry reverted back to Wizard of Oz, one of my all time favorite movies. Anyhow Alyssa and I are deep into the painting and priming of cabinets and walls. Here is where I would like to address the camper makers, as I am sure that they are reading this.

Dear Camper Makers, I think you need to hire some women or at least some men with design taste. See you are actually building campers for two different sections of the population. The ones who want to be rugged, and have a hunting man cave, and those who want the look of their house on wheels. I would like to be the spoke person for the second group. The 70s have called and they want their bad fake dark wood, paneling, and terrible fabrics back, and while we are talking please stop using any type of bisque or off white toilets, tubs and sinks. These are terrible, terrible. Um on second thought, continue as it will give me loads of business when it comes to redoing all of your mistakes, but if you want to expand your customer base, I would be more than happy to help, for a small fee or a brand new camper!

Ok so here is my camper progress update: Cabinets painted. The completed project ends up taking two coats of Zinsser primer, the three coats of Sherwin Williams high gloss white in Pro Classic. Really think they should start paying me for all these product drops. Keep in mind when using Zinsser, if you want it to be durable, you have to let it cure for 3/7 days before paint. We also put wood putty in the original handle holes, so we could start with a blank canvas. We went with cup pulls for the drawers. The ones shown here are left over from my kitchen redo from about 8 years ago. Score, love reusing items, and it means $0.00 to the budget. For the doors we went with classic circle stainless pulls. Notice the white rectangle on the cabinet doors? Those are left over from the original pulls. Campers have special cabinet hardware that keep the doors closed when traveling. We had to keep them for the doors to stay closed, so we improvised and just spray painted them white. They blend in well I think, and overall look I wanted was still able to be achieved.

I want to talk about the stove. Remember my rant above about bisque color being used. Well the same was with the stove.  The color could not stay, everything else in the camper was going white and light. Armed with tape and spray paint we fixed it. I took it apart and sprayed with Rust-Oleum High Heat in White. The dark pieces were brown and rusty, so we sanded those down, and sprayed with same spray paint product in black. The handle was tricky. I didn’t want to paint all of it, so we just wrapped in jute twine for now, and spray the end of the handles with white Plastic grade Spray paint.



Although this work was done last month, just writing about it has been exhausting! Check back soon for the continued journey. Feel free to shoot me questions, or comments! Would love to hear from you, and you too camper makers.


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