Fabric and Insta Granite are your friends


Going back to the original camper, some of the worst parts were the horrid fabric, and it was everywhere. Some type of polyester beige with a plant of some sorts, sprinkled with dusty blue and mauve. Never a good combination. Again I urge the camper makers to hire someone, maybe like David Bromstad or Nate Berkus. So if you are looking for quick update don’t be afraid to change the fabrics.

I started with the cushions for the table area. I didn’t want to sew new slip covers, instead I used the method found on YouTube. I took thin wood and made a backer for lack of better words for each pillow. Then I wrapped the pillows like a present and stapled the fabric on the back with a staple gun. Now is this washable, no, but here is the thing, I have about $10 in it, if they get stained, rip them off and do again. Which judging by my track record it will probably happen stain or no stain, just cause I like change. Also took down the dark wood “screen” for lack of a better description. Replaced with a fabric silver chevron shower curtain. Curtains I made with fabric I  found at Joanne Fabrics, then lined with thermal backing. This is important in keeping the summer heat out of the camper!

The counter tops in the camper weren’t terrible, I have seen worse. They were a light pink almost, but not exactly my style either. Replacing countertops is terrible, been there done that. So I was off to find another update solution. Cant paint them, no tile, oh how I want the marble look…..then I found it! There is a new product called Instant Granite. They are endorsed by Rachel Ray, what did I have to lose. Hopped on the website (http://www.instant-granite.com/) and there it was marble. So I ordered a bunch and hoped for the best. It was awesome. It is a heavy almost contact paper looking product that looks awesome. Marble for me!  We ordered enough to do all the countertops in the camper, so the look continues into the bathroom as well.

IMG_0756 IMG_0757

Love the progress we have made with camper. It is honestly starting to look better than some of the places the husband and I lived when we were younger! Keep following, we aren’t even done with this little redo yet!


2 thoughts on “Fabric and Insta Granite are your friends

  1. jenclark113

    It’s so true – why can’t they have celebrity designers for RVs? It would be so nice. I feel like we’re stuck in beige and oak…maybe better than dusty blue and mauve.


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