The watercloset, privy, latrine, you can’t possibly call that a bathroom?



The bathroom, well it needed a lot of work. It’s hard for me to call the original one a bathroom per say, think the word latrine or privy was closer to what it really was like. Again the all the sinks, tub, and toilet are a weird off white ( yellowed) color. oh-e-vey!

Bought a new faucet, pleased to find out from my friends at, that I could just use regular bathroom faucets. We were on vacation in Florida at the time, so off we set to the nearest Home Depo. People do that on vacation right? Shop for their DIY projects in Florida that are sitting in Ohio. Any how off we headed to find something not too fancy, just a plain chrome with some nice shaped handles. 30 mins later, after getting several nasty looks from the sales people, apparently only in Ohio do teenagers insist on sitting on every tractor, and trying out every shower enclosure, we left with a faucet and scored it for $22.

Back in Ohio, I primed everything with Zinsser and sat out of a color scheme. All of the other cabinets were white, didn’t want to continue that into the bathroom. Decided to use a grey color on the cabinets ( sorry custom blend of mixing and looking) and the walls were going to Sherwin Williams Embellished Blue SW 6749 in flat. Best part of having super small bathroom….a paint sample can was enough to do it, and I still have plenty left over. Cabinet handles since we only needed three I grabbed a chunky bar type, they were $3.50 each, but I only needed 3 so, good splurge I think.

Now on to the biggest change that needed to happen, the toilet and sink area. The toilet ( outside, not the inside bowl part) and the sink got a good scrub and then lightly sanded and then scrubbed again. I spray painted them white. I know, let the nay sayers start. I used Kryon spray paint for plastic. Yes I spray painted the inside of the sink. Thoughts, we aren’t going to be shaving and holding water in there, it should last, and if it doesn’t what do I have to lose? It took four coats, but it came out perfect and I love it. I AM A GENIUS! Well at least for now.

The mirror just screamed cheap camper mirror, and that we just could not have. Always had a vision of a nice big round mirror for the space. The trick was figuring out how to hang it safely on the wall. Hmmm. I turned to my trusted buddies in the maintenance department at my work,they had just the thing. Brackets that we use at work to anchor paintings to the wall to stop theft. It worked great, this baby is not coming down, also helps it is plastic, just looks like a heavy wood!

I think it is safe to call it a bathroom now. Like it for sure, and the pop of Melon really makes it new and fresh.


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One thought on “The watercloset, privy, latrine, you can’t possibly call that a bathroom?

  1. cindy haffner

    I think a lot of thought and work went into a absolutely beautiful space for family fun . Everyone should be so proud. E N J O Y chaff


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