The Grand Finale!


The grand finale, the final curtain call, the fat lady is singing somewhere in the background. After many hours of works, sweat, and tears ( lots of tears), she is done. I think I probably have about 200 hours into her. It honestly was one of the more rewarding projects that I have done. We were able to take a camper that was so stuck in the 1980s and make her fabulous again. It really shows that anything can be brought forth , redone and made useable and awesome again. We reused most items that we already had on hand. Left over paint, cabinet handles, bedding, curtains, fabric we are put back to use in our awesome camper, and helped us keep this project redo under $500 for the whole camper. Mind you we still have to do the floors, that should only run us about $180.

The only thing that is really left to do is fix the water heater from leaking and that part is on the way. Honesty the funniest thing is, when you look at the camper from the outside, it certainly looks like the Clampits live there !. So here she is, hope you like.



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