Oh, you thought the “Camper that could” was the actual Camper


Good morning all from a brisk Sunday morning. Can you believe it, it is November.¬† Lets give a little update. The camper was sold a couple of weeks ago. I know right, all that work and then poof, gone before we even camped in it one time. Have you ever heard the saying ” its the chase”, well for me and design it is kinda the same. Generally once I am 3/4 the way through a project, I already have the next one in my head. I loved working on the camper and could pour my creativity into it, but in the end it was another design project. I listed the camper and in less than 24 hours, cash in hand, sold! We sold it to a great little family, with a little girl, who the back bunk area looked¬†like it was made for her!

So this blog was named ” The Camper That Could”, it shall stay named that, as the Camper That Could, was always more so me than the actual camper itself. This is where we venture off more into that little part I warned you about before, my crazy DIY life!