Walls crumble, but hope does not


I was feeling pretty good about our camper purchase, until I put my hand through the back corner of the bunk area. The Knapps calmed me down, explaining that it really would not be that much to repair. So we trudge on with the rest of the camper until my dad and I could take a closer look.

Demo day finally came and with that we had some hard choices to make. The rot and the damage was way more than we had thought. The entire back corner brace was gone, as well as several of the supports. It seems as though the awning when installed never was sealed off. So years of rain leaking in through the four screws resulted in major damage. We had to tear out the top bunk, part of the ceiling, and parts of two walls. It was however the easiest demo ever. The wood was so gone all the demo was able to be done with just our hands. Here are some of the demo and damage pictures.

IMG_0584 IMG_0588 IMG_0585

Now with all of that out, we start the rebuild. We made the decision to not replace the top bunk. The top bunk was only rated to hold 130 lbs. Dalton weighs 125, so he was not going to be sleeping back there anyways. The decision as made to make it a place for Alyssa, and also add shelves for storage. After tons of measuring, and creative construction, Dad and I re-built the structure, placed new installation in, and sealed the screws from the awning that were the original problem.

Now that’s its all sealed up, off to build and finish the shelves for the back, and the shelf with the light by the bedside. We decided on three shelves in the back for storage. This got a little tricky, as the back of the camper is not square.  Alyssa and Dad worked together on these projects. Alyssa has a little of my addiction to design and building, so it was fun to watch her and Dad work on it together.

Finished project time? Jump forward a couple of weeks and the back bunk area is complete. After finding the water damage, my hope were crushed, but we were able to fix and build it back better than ever. Even when your projects take an unexpected turn, keep your head and hopes up and push through. It was well worth it and now it is the best feature of the whole camper.

I will post in another section, how I made the tufted headboard. Alyssa loves the area, and it added tons of storage for us. Although you should have seen her face when she was told all those shelves were not just for her LOL!