Homemade headboard……….$6


The bunk area of the camper is a place that I knew my daughter would be spending a lot of time hanging out in. Needed it to feel like home and display her spunky personality. I knew exactly what it needed a headboard of types. A tufted headboard we have made before, but I wanted something that was less permanent and not so heavy.

I remember in one of my sessions of scouring Pinterest I had seen someone who made a headboard from cardboard. So I sat out to recreate my own version. I had pieces of Coreboard in my workshop that were just the right size. So I cut a nifty pattern on it, and covered with a piece of foam and batting to make edges soft.

IMG_0702 IMG_0706


The Coreboard is stronger than regular card board and it also allows us to have something to staple into when we wrap it with fabric. We chose a bright elephant pattern that fits Alyssa’s personality. So now all I have to do I wrap with fabric and we are ready to go. Pull tight around the edges, and cut the access fabric as you go.

IMG_0707 IMG_0709

Finished, it took me about 20 mins, and cost about $6 for the fabric. To install on the way we used a heavy duty two sided tape made by Gorilla Glue. Here it is installed!

IMG_0710 IMG_0800IMG_0801