It’s the most wonderful time of the year


It’s the most wonderful time of the year,  With the kids jingle belling,  With the kids trick or treating!.


The Jack Witch hat I made last year


Yep my most favorite time of the year is just around the corner, Halloween.Middle of August is when the planning phase for the theme of this year’s Halloween begins. Hey, it takes time to create and organize some of this stuff. I always coordinate the dress up theme for our department at work and for home. So I start building early.

This year the office is doing Alice in Wonderland, and the house is going more traditional  with a new reaper and floating ghost build on the to do schedule. Just wanted to post a quick project that took me about 30 mins actual build time that is easy and something anyone could do. It is also a little less “dark” than the next couple of builds on my schedule.

Pallet Pumpkins. I took some cheap thin wood, and traced the pattern of my pumpkins. Then wood glued and screwed pallets to the back of the wood. No clamps on hand so we just laid heavy objects on it until the wood glue dried.


IMG_1061 IMG_1066After letting the glue dry overnight, the next day flip the boards over. Use a Jig saw to cut the pumpkin shape, using the plywood as a guide. Then decided if you are going to stain. I used a variety of stains and non stains to give it different looks on the on the pumpkins.  Then attach them to a piece of wood to set on and decorate.


Pumpkins for the porch Ready to go!


Tall skinny one

Tall skinny one